SetPoint Medical is pioneering bioelectronic medicine to offer patients and providers a potentially safe and cost-effective approach for treatment of chronic autoimmune diseases.



SetPoint Medical’s platform uses a
small, implantable device to deliver
targeted electrical pulses along existing
physiologic pathways to trigger the
body’s own biological responses.

SetPoint bioelectronic medicine team image


SetPoint Medical has brought together a unique group of professionals with expertise across medical devices, pharmaceuticals and consumer technology fields to assemble a team dedicated to improving patient care.

Last week, SetPoint Medical’s employees volunteered at Hope Gardens Family Center, which provides transitio...

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We are excited to report positive results from the US pilot trial studying SetPoint's #bioelectronicmedicin...

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INVESTIGATIONAL DEVICE DISCLAIMER: The SetPoint Medical device is an investigational device. It is currently undergoing clinical evaluation under Food and Drug Administration’s Investigational Device Exemption and is not approved for commercial use.