SetPoint Medical, headquartered in Valencia, Ca., is a privately-held clinical-stage bioelectronic medicine company dedicated to developing new bioelectronic medicine therapies as a safe, cost-effective alternative to drugs and biologics for patients with debilitating autoimmune diseases.

The company is developing a novel bioelectronic medicine platform that stimulates the vagus nerve to activate the inflammatory reflex to reduce systemic inflammation, starting with rheumatoid arthritis (RA).

Digital doses – targeted pulses of electricity – activate the Inflammatory Reflex, the natural mechanism in the central nervous system that regulates the immune system, discovered by SetPoint co-founder Dr. Kevin Tracey.

Following proof-of-concept studies for treating rheumatoid arthritis using a modified off-the-shelf vagus nerve stimulator, SetPoint Medical’s revolutionary, miniaturized microregulator is currently undergoing clinical studies for rheumatoid arthritis under FDA’s Investigational Device Exemption. The company has also conducted an additional successful proof-of-concept study in Crohn’s disease as well as promising pre-clinical research in multiple sclerosis.

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